Worship Warriors

Worship Warriors is a small group consisting of youth aged from around 8 to 13, focused on building disciples, with a bit of fun thrown in!

They follow the 5 W's format - each fortnight they have a WELCOME game; WORSHIP - to turn their attention form them to God; WORD - they explore the bible together, loking at what it says and how it applies to them; WORKS & WITNESS - they share stories about what God is doing in their lives, and also look at how they can help other people; and finally WELL-BEING - playing together.

This year, the kids have taken turns in organising the welcome and the worship themselves.

Worship Warriors is led by Kate Hollis and Kylie Elliott and meet every second Monday afternoon during the school term at 4pm here at St Nic's, however, is on sabbatical until further notice.


Our Team - Kate Hollis & Kylie Elliott